Interior Minimal Musings

Less is more in this Mumbai abode!

Minimal, functional, and detail-oriented. These are the words that highlight the personality of this impeccably designed Mumbai abode by StudioArch.
Led by Architect Bhakti Desai under the wing of founder Architect Sachin Indvatkar, the design team at StudioArch were keen on crafting a space that underscored the clients’ ethos – a minimally driven life that eschewed gaudy maximalism. And hence, a contemporary vision anchored by convenience began to manifest in this apartment.
Spread across 1050 square feet, the abode strives to capture the simplicity that underlines the homeowners’ lifestyle. Right from the entrance, an off-centred arched motif set against a backdrop of warm wooden panelling belies hints of the exquisite interiors. A beautiful composition of cool tones and warm, this design flourish instantly sets the tone for the space that lies beyond, constructing an experience of liminality. As one ventures inside, a nuanced design language and keen attention to detail immediately don the spotlight. Right from the design of the console, which happens to be a favourite of the designer, the designers start paying close attention to tying in functionality with aesthetics. “With the inclusion of a mirror at the entrance console, we not only opened up the zone, giving an illusion of space, but also looked into behavioural details such as how one would want to have a final glance at themselves before stepping out of their homes,” reveal the designers. Here, a wall adorned with a grid composition of framed artworks steals attention. Another ode to the clients’ taste, graphical art based on cars and cities add a touch of vibrancy to the space. A language of repetition and a rhythm of lines also dominates, seen evidently in the ceiling design for the dining, the panelling of the TV unit and the fall of the drapes. Each adding to the other, the design begins to open up beautifully.
A conceptual study of warm lights, cozy cushioning and subtle colour themes was carried out for the final expression of design. What emerges is a beautiful lesson in simple and timeless design – one that captures the soul of the homeowner perfectly.

Name: Minimal Musings
Typology: Residential Interiors
Location: Mumbai
Built Up Area: 1050 sq. ft.


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